Typically, Red Meranti is a dark reddish or purplish brown wood; commonly with white resin streaks present. Grain can be straight or interlocked, with a coarse texture and low natural lustre.

German Beech Wood is the most important European Hardwood. It is 100% natural. The colour is light cream with darker heartwood, something between maple and ash. The grain is short, mostly straight, with a fine, even texture. Beechwood imparts a definite warmth to the environment and has the ability to make the interior look more spacious.

French Beech Wood has been quite a staple in the lumber industry in the European market and is commonly used in a variety of products like furniture, stairs, flooring, cabinetry, veneer, interior furnishings, etc. This hardwood is commonly described as “versatile” owing to the fact that its lumber has a variety of uses. It also works very smoothly and is able to glue and finish really well.

A timber that is flat, elongated, and rectangular with parallel faces that are higher and longer than wide is known as a plank. Used predominantly in carpentry, planks are important in the construction of ships, houses, bridges, and many other structures. They also serve as supports to form shelves and tables.

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