A value-added reinforcement solution for the optimization and fabrication of rebars in a factory is the Cut & Bend TMT Bar. TMT steel bars are cut to custom sizes and bent to specific shapes based on the bar bending schedule (BBS). Since the entire manufacturing process is automated, Cut & Bend is very accurate and precise.

German Beech Wood is the most important European Hardwood. It is 100% natural. The colour is light cream with darker heartwood, something between maple and ash. The grain is short, mostly straight, with a fine, even texture. Beechwood imparts a definite warmth to the environment and has the ability to make the interior look more spacious.

French Beech Wood has been quite a staple in the lumber industry in the European market and is commonly used in a variety of products like furniture, stairs, flooring, cabinetry, veneer, interior furnishings, etc. This hardwood is commonly described as “versatile” owing to the fact that its lumber has a variety of uses. It also works very smoothly and is able to glue and finish really well.

Chipboard is a kind of board that has tube holes inside it horizontally manufactured. During the production of the hollow chipboard core, we glued very small wood pieces and pressed them with high pressure and hot weather. Chipboard sheets are about 50-60% lighter than solid wood timbers. Lighter chipboard sheets are easily cut, processed, installed and used. The cost of a hollow-core board is lower than solid wood. So customer prefers to use tubular chipboard sheets.


Available Types: Tubular, Solid

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