Tarpaulin sheeting makes perfect weather and waterproofing for building site areas. This helps in keeping the construction site area dry and preventing it from becoming wet and slippery. Covering equipment and supplies with a tarpaulin sheet protects them from the elements, keeping building materials dry and helping to prevent rusting and damage to machinery and power tools. Tarpaulins can also be used as a groundsheet to keep materials safe from dampness penetrating from below.

A laminate is a unit in which two or more layers of resin-impregnated fibres or fabrics are laminated and heat-pressed. Laminates can be processed into a wide range of insulation and structural components for use in motors, transformers, high and low-voltage electrical appliances, electrical instrumentation, and electronics. The laminate can be in the form of a plate, tube, rod, or other shapes.


Available Types: Warm White, Golden Beach, Maple, Red Oak, Polyester, Aluminium, etc.

This type of MDF is made with coloured melamine surfaces bonded to both its sides, making it non-porous. The material comes in various sheet sizes, thickness ranges, and finishes. This material is best suited for indoor applications.


Available Types: Forest White, Warm White, Golden Beach, Maple, Red Oak, Polyester, Aluminium, etc.

It grows in Bosnia, and the weight of the beech is 0.72 g / cm3. The share pore is approximately 54%. A heavy, strong, and hardwood with excellent bending properties, the GENENA Bosnian beechwood has great elasticity and is resistant to tension, bending, and stroke. It has one of the highest shrinkage rates of hardwoods with a tendency to split and wart. The beechwood is light reddish-brown in colour and has a fine texture. It has excellent finishing properties.

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