Whitewood gives the finest quality lumber. It comes from the tallest hardwood tree, which can grow to 160 feet or more. The creamy white colour of whitewood is what makes it special. The wood has a straight grain and it is also soft. This makes it a great option for various cuts. Whitewood lumber can be easily shaped because of its soft texture.



The most common type of beech species in Romania is the European beech (Fagus Sylvatica). These are large trees that can reach a height of 40 m and can live up to 300 years or more. It is usually white, pale cream or pale brown and is steamed to relieve drying stresses while also bringing out a pinkish-red colour. The wood is quite hard and has a fine and uniform texture. Beech has exceptional steam bending properties, even when there are knots and irregular grain. It can be bent to very small radii, which makes it particularly useful in the furniture industry.

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