Any tool that is powered by hand rather than a motor is known as a hand tool. Hand tools are of various types and can be used for any kind of work. Some tools are versatile while others are specifically used for a particular job. In order to achieve the best results for your work, it is very important to know their construction and proper usage. Lack of knowledge or negligence may lead to several mistakes and injuries.

Whitewood gives the finest quality lumber. It comes from the tallest hardwood tree, which can grow to 160 feet or more. The creamy white colour of whitewood is what makes it special. The wood has a straight grain and it is also soft. This makes it a great option for various cuts. Whitewood lumber can be easily shaped because of its soft texture.



Moisture-resistant MDF is used in areas of high humidity or areas where occasional wetting may occur. It is designed for interior applications ranging from kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, laundry cupboards, shelving, or any situation where moisture-resistant MDF is required.

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