Any tool that is powered by hand rather than a motor is known as a hand tool. Hand tools are of various types and can be used for any kind of work. Some tools are versatile while others are specifically used for a particular job. In order to achieve the best results for your work, it is very important to know their construction and proper usage. Lack of knowledge or negligence may lead to several mistakes and injuries.

A laminate is a unit in which two or more layers of resin-impregnated fibres or fabrics are laminated and heat-pressed. Laminates can be processed into a wide range of insulation and structural components for use in motors, transformers, high and low-voltage electrical appliances, electrical instrumentation, and electronics. The laminate can be in the form of a plate, tube, rod, or other shapes.


Available Types: Warm White, Golden Beach, Maple, Red Oak, Polyester, Aluminium, etc.

This type of MDF is made with coloured melamine surfaces bonded to both its sides, making it non-porous. The material comes in various sheet sizes, thickness ranges, and finishes. This material is best suited for indoor applications.


Available Types: Forest White, Warm White, Golden Beach, Maple, Red Oak, Polyester, Aluminium, etc.

African Mahogany is pink when freshly cut, darkening to a reddish-brown colour with pale golden-brown zones on exposure. The sapwood is yellowish-brown in colour and is up to 2 in. (51 mm) in width, and it is not always distinctly demarcated from the heartwood. The grain is sometimes straight, but generally interlocked, giving a characteristic stripe figure in quarter sawn stock. The texture is medium to coarse, but even. It has no distinct taste or odour. The planed surface is lustrous. Growth rings are fairly distinct to the naked eye due to the presence of terminal parenchyma.

Fire-Rated MDF Board is a non-bearing board with improved fire-retardant properties. It is ideal for use in public spaces where strict fire regulations must be observed. Boards meet strict requirements which include improved fire resistance and especially the ability not to contribute to fire spread and not to form burning droplets.

A timeless, classic American wood that is used in furniture, flooring, cabinetry, joinery, and architectural millwork is red oak. The sapwood of red oak ranges from white to very light brown, while the heartwood is reddish-brown.

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